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03:15pm 09/07/2005
mood: amused

what if forensics finds the answers
what if they stole my fingerprints?
where did i leave my book of matches?
we'll find you...
we'll find you...
08:18pm 06/06/2005
  I had the best fucking time at akon, it was so fucking fun, i enjoyed everything and i plan on going to every one for the rest of my life :).  
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06 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song   
12:47pm 29/05/2005
mood: optimistic
Last night i was tripping out to globe's outernet cd, it was crazy. I dont know why but that cd sounds amazing when im blown. I remember that was one of the first japanese cds i bought, i luv that cd. Then i watched requiem for a dream last night Oo, man that rockstar energy drink is the first energy drink to really keep me up, i like that drink. Umm what have i been up to, i havent been on lj like in 4 days, which is alot to me since i used to get on like multiple times a day. ive been having a pretty good time with my life, just hanging out with my friends, ive been having a lot of fun actually. system of a downs new album kicks ass, and candice said they might play with the mars volta soon, wtf thatd be awesome. If they do were going with candice, i hope they do. Umm i got fucking soaked at work yesterday it was crazy, we had a sidewalk sale and man i got so soaked trying to get everythign inside, it was gay. Went home changed and got off at 930 after we did jack shit when we got back from lunch, it was awesome. Went to matts party, crazy, thats it for them, highschool is over. Then went to abes and abe got mad but i got high and then me and josh and danielle left to get food. Then i came home and then picked up that movie from danielles and drove around for a while just jamming out. I think work today is gonna suck. But ill have fun afterwards. I dont think ill be getting on lj much though anymore :P. hey man look at me rocking out. cds.
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RE: RE: No Subject   
07:32pm 21/05/2005
  ive been pretty mellow lately. and just joking really. i dont want to be serious lately :o. ive been getting high too much too. fuck i work 1-10 on saturday, cant go to anyones party really :/. sorry.  
02:55am 19/05/2005
mood: complacent
Just got back from seeing star wars III. I really enjoyed it alot. It was a really good movie and a really sad one. I want to watch a new hope alot right now, but i need sleep, i think im gonna watch it tomorrow for sure though :). I dont know i just feel right. Like when i used to watch star wars when i was smaller i always hoped and wished they would make the frist 3 and they did, ive seen them all now, and it just feels good and it makes me feel really good, cuz this was like my dream and its come true, and it really was a big dream back when i first started to get into star wars. Its crazy. its nice.

saw a bunch of ppl i knew today and i am happy with my life right now. i feel like i could use something more but i think i know alot of stuff =).
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miles to the sun   
08:29pm 17/05/2005
mood: cheerful
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03:43pm 15/05/2005
mood: bouncy
damn we missed drakeequation :(. damn damn damn. they fucking played second. bs. But we got to see cruiserweight ^__^. They were awesome. I have a huge crush on the singer stella, she is super cute. I had alot of fun at their show even if their were a bunch of dummies there, or alot. And i finally got their cd and their other album, wanted to get the ep but too much monies :o. Fun night, i got a pretzel from wal mart they kick ass, hung out with joey, josh, and danielle. fun fun. BBB, dont let it get to you.
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06:10pm 14/05/2005
mood: drunk
trip hard.
im gonna go see drakeequation today and cruiserweight :), im gonna buy their cd.
work was allright. got the wrong night off for star wars showing. stupid ass josh, i knew i asked for the right day off then he had me go ask nhi for tues day night off, they always show star wars on wens huh mother fucker. so i dont want to ask for the different night off, so i think ill be working 9-3 instead of seeing star wars at midnight,and josh says like nothing ill call in. I would ask for the other day off but he already gave us this night off in on a limb and i pestered him about it. fuck. its hot outside. its nice.
what it feels like   
12:03pm 12/05/2005
  Well i baked some brownies yesterday. And i studied alot. the browines are good and the studyign was not in vain. Took my last 2 finals today, i did pretty good on both of them and im happy its over with :). Ill find some way to celebrate today. Been sitting on the computer. i was thinking of going to work for extra hours but i just want to hang out with kids today. Trying to dl the starting lines new cd :o, ill burn a copy for nol when i get it cuz i got into them because of her. Yeah nol freaked me out yesterday, nite. fuck you. Someone was an asshole and is trying to get her in trouble. I have no reason to do that, i have nothing agaisnt her, but it seems im the only suspect. But im innocent, i thought that was crazy. I laughed so hard when i read nols mom thought she made out with mcchris, it still makes me laugh lol. so fucking stupid. Im gonna make a ramen.

ze show this friday im going. the 13th cool. big lots just called and i didnt answer it :x. i still think abe is crazy and needs to figure something out. They need direction, im sure their are a number of good songs like that and it might say something like drugs take you of course or something cunning like that, i hate ppl who go around saying they are sxe if you are cool, no one cares, dont go around proclaiming im sxe and band together with all the other sxe kids, well they can do whatever they want, it just annoys me. Druggies hang out together because they do drugs together, but at least they dont go around telling everyone im sxe or have it in their myspace name or something gay. that just annoys me.

if something goes wrong today, i promise ill be ok.

i want to put a cut or something so i found this cool pic
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11:08am 11/05/2005
mood: flirty
If you like mcchirs or mc paul barman. then youll like...
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rock and roll (could never hip hop like this)   
09:52pm 10/05/2005
mood: cheerful
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white people   
04:21pm 09/05/2005
mood: cheerful
i just burned that cd.

sad sad sad. shame on you.
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dirty mouth   
04:23pm 05/05/2005
mood: flirty
fuck you dont ever talk to me ever again! ok call me please. jk.
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what did you ever know about anything.
invest in a bottle of poison   
11:07am 04/05/2005
mood: depressed
I feel awesome. i wasnt that tired this monring. I did ok i think on my final, not terrific, but ok. Gonna go eat lunch with cassie and danielle :o. ABe spent the night, it was good to see him, havent seen him in like 5 days. lol hes crazy, we watched wonder showzen, lol that show is insane. I played some halo, its not that fun, im glad i dont play it all the time like i used to, eventhough i had fun when i did, just dont want to be glued in front of the tv playing gamezies. Still wet and cold, that sux. I will be crashing today, its slippery out. lalalalala. work today 5-10. i need to read today Oo---_-. boring. lol i havent been dramatic at all on lj because im not sad or anything, im just messing around, so if anyone thinks im being all serious and sad, lol im not at all, just being annoying. so no one worry about me please. post postpostpostpostsoptsopt. smokey. shut up shutupshutupshutupshutp. go here

o o fucking moronsss echo echo echo echo
notice my mood, they arent my real mood, im just messing around =P
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fake ppl are cool and should stick together and be fake .   
11:56pm 03/05/2005
mood: numb
if you think i shouldnt kill myself leave a comment please, im already dying, tomorrow ill be a day older, whats the poing of living if we all just die.??? dumb ppl say this but really if you love me leave a comment please, with something sweet. i would never kill myself, its a dumb answer.
11:04pm 03/05/2005
mood: gloomy
listen to the hot hot heat song goodnight goodnight. read some of it now, its too short.
It's not enough to hear me say you've won
You only wanted me for having fun
But now I think you've gone and had your way
And left me with a pile of bills to pay
I can't even rewind the tape machine
To listen to your drunken reasoning
So here it is - your final lullaby

Goodnight, goodnight
You're embarrassing me
You're embarrassing you
So goodnight, goodnight
Walk away from the door
Walk away from my life
So Goodnight

I've given up on social niceties
I threw 'em out when I threw out your keys
Along with all your records I can't stand
You never even listen to any one of them
You're never gonna drag me out again
With all the people that were never ever even your friends
So here it is - your final lullaby

i could dance to this song, i want too.

Well school was allright today, i was mondo tired ---_-. After i got out i went straight to work, and wow was my boss being a little bitch today =D. Thank you nhi for yelling at me and josh for shit we dont do and then at the end of your conversation you even say i know you guys dont do this. And thank you for cussing in every sentence, cuz your our store manager and you are supposed to be our leader and motivator ^__^. what a fuck up nhi is. He loves to bitch, its anoying, one day im gonna tell him off, one day... Well work was boring, joey stopped by, and we talked for a while, it was cool to talk to joey again, hopefully well hangout this weekend or something. Crazy him and jen split up, i dont want to say anything to make anyone mad or nothing or upset, so i will not. Umm drakeequation will be in odessa next weekend :D, im happy about that. And lets see ill do something cool this weekend. testie tomorrow, bright and early too. lol im just staying ont he computer, i dont want to take care of my responsibilites..! Stop elevating all your reactions to correspond directly with a great master ok jeez louise. oh yeah my aim is tenshi no filth ok so whoever wanted to know. Im never going to change it, ever, not even for a dollar. Drug like is a good song, i like bands you can dance too at shows, you can dance to any type of music really, its just ppl would get mad at you for not dancing a certain way or they might think its not dancing music. lol i cant dance, i just like moving to the beat and jumping around. So fcuk eevyrtihng and dncae all that you can.

well my lj name means something to me, so does my aim sn, and my myspace name, thats cool right, its not just random or weird, THATS FUCKING COOL RIGHT? new updates omg thank you mozilla i was wondering when id get those!@

goodnight goodnight.

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wonder showzen   
01:32pm 03/05/2005
mood: distressed
Damn it sucks outside. I just saw on mtv, a commercial that had them asking kids what the holocaust was, omg, fucking morons. So fucking sad, it says that 53% of highschool students dont know what the holocaust is, i dotn understand how this can be true seriously. IF you dont know what the holocaust is your a fucking moron, wtf, how can you go through any highschool and not pick up what the holocaust was, i mean come on. That commericial pissed me off, yeah 6 million ppl died, a genocide. Oh a nuclear arms thing, its now, fuckign idiots.

im gonna go to class at 2 and i work 5-10, but i guess ill go to work righ after class, so ill be working like 330-10. Then ill have to come home and study cuz my bio lab final is tomorrow, bright and early at 830 ---_-. I should do pretty good i think. I dont have to take a math final, im exempt, so alls i got to do is worry abotu bio and history, history test is online, need to do it by the 16th, i need to study. And i need to study alot for biology g g . ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPPQRSTUVWXYZ.
a boy caught everyone fish going however it jugdes killer lions making news of people questing, resting, sitting to understand very wise xrays yellling zoo!
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balls and the fresh and the babies in my crack - yo yo yo   
11:48pm 02/05/2005


ugh those are ugly.

wish they would of played this song. cant stop thinking about the awesome msi show =D.
yes its on - oh its on mother fucker with that CONCAINE
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11:41pm 02/05/2005
mood: pissed off
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11:21pm 02/05/2005
mood: envious
oh im so clever.
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